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Teeth Bonding

Sometimes, teeth whitening alone is not enough to restore a beautiful smile. Teeth bonding (also known as dental bonding) is a procedure in which a thin coat of acrylic resin is applied to your tooth and hardened with a special light which bonds the material to the tooth and creates a stunning smile.

Reason for teeth bonding:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Cover up troublesome tooth-stains
  • To make teeth look longer
  • To change the shape of teeth
  • To repair and restore the appearance and shape of decayed teeth
  • To protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede

What does getting teeth bonding involve?

Teeth bonding involves minimal preparation and thus very conservative of tooth substance as it requires little or no enamel removal which leaves you tooth strong and intact. Dental bonding is a simple treatment where you dentist can sculpt the acrylic resin to evenly cover and fill the damaged areas.

To prepare your teeth for teeth bonding your dentist will give them a thorough clean and remove any damage or decay. Your dentist then will apply a thin coat of acrylic resin to your tooth and harden it with a blue light which bonds the material to the tooth, before giving it a final polish. When your cosmetic bonding treatment at Kensington Health Clinic is complete, you will be able to smile confidently and beautifully.

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