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Having your braces removed is an exciting moment, but teeth can shift back to their original position. Moreover, we get older our teeth may start to move unpredictably, often showing some crossing over and increased in crowding. By wearing retainers long-term we can reduce these age changes in the position of the teeth. So, it is really important to wear your retainers as retainers can help maintain the position of straightened teeth.

Why do teeth move after braces?

During orthodontic treatment, your teeth are held in position by your braces, but once they’re removed, some of the more elastic connective tissue in your mouth and jaw that was stretched during your treatment now tries to pull back again – something we call “orthodontic relapse”.

Removable retainers

We provide a set of removable retainers to every patient. The removable retainers look like a thin, clear gumshield, which fits easily over your teeth to keep them still.

Removable retainers will be custom-made to fit you perfectly. We will take impressions of your teeth when we remove your braces and fit your retainers the following week. You will not need to wear your removable retainers’ day and night, but it is essential to wear them regularly, as instructed by your clinician.

The removable retainers need to be kept clean by gently brushing them with your toothbrush (without toothpaste) and after use rinsing them with water. Keep the retainers’ safe in their protective boxes when you’re not wearing them. For extra peace of mind, we can also organise a spare set for a small additional cost.

Fixed retainers

We also provide fixed retainers for extra peace of mind. Fixed retainers consist of a thin wire, which is permanently bonded behind the front teeth. Fixed retainers are very unobtrusive and requires very little maintenance.

They also designed for long-term wear and can be worn indefinitely. Just make sure you give them a little bit more attention by using special floss or an interdental brush. Regular dental checks and hygienist appointments are also highly recommended.

We also provide all of patients with two-year care; during this time, we repair fixed retainer free of charge. At the end of the two years you can choose to have follow-up care through our Complete Dental Plan scheme.

Keep in touch

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can if you experience any problems with your retainers. We are more than happy to provide advice even if your two-year care has finished; in general, we will be able provide you with a repair or new retainers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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