Gummy smile treatment

If you have uneven gum line, known as a ‘gummy smile’, then gum sculpting can help to create a smile you have dreamed of.

You dentist can restore the natural proportions of your teeth by reshaping of the gum. There are two procedures to treat gummy smile – simple soft tissue gum sculpting and surgical lifting of the gum.

Gum contouring is simple procedure where your dentist will simply remove some of the excess gum to improve the look of uneven gum lines or gummy smiles – creating a balanced and beautiful smile. If you are looking to just take away a millimetre or so of gum then the gum contouring treatment is quick and easy and takes a matter of hours to heal.

A surgical gum lift done for severe cases and requires more healing time usually three and four months. It is usually done in conjunction with veneers as the gum is likely to just grow back down without them. Immediately after the treatment you should rest and limit your activities. You dentist will give you care instructions upon completion of the treatment.

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