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Kensington Health Clinic offers FASTBRACES® for patients who want to straighten their teeth as quickly as possible and do not want to spend years wearing braces.FASTBRACES® technology allows patients to correct their smile and achieve their cosmetic goals in much less time than conventional braces. Patients who also use FASTBRACES® also experience much less discomfort than in traditional metal braces. The advanced technology used by FASTBRACES® was developed to provide an affordable, fast and safe treatment option to those with moderate to severe orthodontic issues.

How it works

The fundamental difference between traditional brace systems and FASTBRACES® is the staggered tooth movement. Conventional braces tend to move teeth in two stages, firstly they move the crown and secondly, they move the root.

Whilst this staggered technique works and has done for many years, it can be time consuming; normally it takes around a year for each stage of movement to be completed. Fastbraces® can boast treatment times of half this length because it focuses on both areas at the same time. The ability to do this comes from elementary mechanical characteristics. Fastbraces® use an innovative ‘elbow’ design in the brackets and a uniquely shaped wire which work together exert forces on the root and crown simultaneously.

Brackets dictate how flexible the wire on a brace can be and this has an impact on how much movement a wire can affect on the teeth. Conventional brackets are square and close together, which means the force that a wire can exert is limited. With FASTBRACES® however, the triangular shaped brackets with an elevated slot, allow for more space between each bracket, enabling greater wire flexibility. Ultimately, this means FASTBRACES® can deliver the smile of your dreams in a short space of time.

How long will it take?

FASTBRACES® patients are able to achieve their perfect smile in around half the time that it would take conventional brace systems. On average, it takes from three months to up to a year to move teeth into the desired position with the FASTBRACES®CLASSIC™ SERIES™. Treatment time for comprehensive orthodontic therapy could take less than 120 days for non-deep bite cases with the FASTBRACES®TURBO™ SERIES™

Benefits of FASTBRACES®

  • Reduced discomfort when undergoing treatment.
  • Reduced time in the chair means reduced cost!
  • Reduced treatment time means shorter window of opportunity for oral hygiene difficulty meaning less risk of decay.
  • Majority of FASTBRACES® cases do not require any tooth extractions, unlike traditional fixed braces.
  • Dramatically less time wearing a retainer, 15 minutes each day is sufficient.

Available at an Additional Cost


The new and incredible FASTBRACES® Clear™ ceramic bracket that provides the same advantages of moving teeth as the FASTBRACES® metal brackets, with the added benefit of an aesthetic and totally cosmetic solution.


FASTBRACES® TURBO™ measures results in days rather than in months… Your treatments can be completed in as little as 90 – 120 days. The fastest and very comfortable way to straighten your teeth – safely.

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